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Sound, legendary ruggedness and reliability.

With a history of audio innovation going back over 80 years and including such milestones as the respected 55SH vocal mic and the most popular live microphone in the world, the ubiquitous SM58, Shure has turned a passion for making audio electronics into an obsession. The results are tangible in their industry-leading wired and wireless microphones, headphones, and personal monitoring solutions, which continue to set the worldwide standards for excellence.

Find information about all Shure products at

Find information about all Shure products at


Miniature Microphones, Lavaliers, Headsets, Earsets

The Menlo Park, California-based company Countryman Associates Inc. was founded more than 35 years ago by Carl Countryman. The company is still a family-owned company and one of the leading manufacturers of miniature microphones and DI boxes.

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RF Venue

Improve reception. Reduce dropouts.

RF Venue manufactures innovative, novel technologies that make wireless audio systems work and sound better.

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